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Swine Flu


Swine Flu Protection Products in Ireland for Business Organisations


Supplies delivered to your premises anywhere in Ireland by B & T Cleaning Supplies Ltd., Cavan. 

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Swine Flu Protection Ireland from B & T Cleaning SuppliesDeb InstantFOAM products kill 99.999% of common germs

As Governments around the world are working to contain the spread of the Swine flu (H1N1) virus, hygiene experts, Deb Limited and B & T Cleaning Supplies Limited, Cavan give their recommendations on how organisations can fight against flu and supply effective hygiene products.

The first step in successfully fighting flu is to understand how the virus is spread. Hands are the main vehicle for transmitting germs from one person to another, either directly or by touching shared objects and surfaces that may have been contaminated by the airborne flu virus.

The Health Protection Agency advises that people should cover their nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, throw away dirty tissues promptly and carefully, and to wash hands and surfaces which are touched regularly.

Infection control experts, Deb Limited, consider good hand hygiene to be the single most effective means of preventing the spread of infection. They advise that organisations can reduce the risk of catching and spreading flu by not only providing adequate hand washing facilities but also through promoting the use of a hand sanitiser; applied regularly to clean, dry hands to complement routine hand washing; advice which is echoed by the USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Christine Mottershead, Marketing Director for Deb Limited, explains: “Although businesses frequently undertake flu planning, an area that is often missed is the importance of implementing and maintaining appropriate hand hygiene practices. By adopting good hand hygiene practices employers could reduce the impact of sickness absence and the associated business costs that can threaten an organisation and consequently help to protect it’s employees, customers and reputation.”

Infection control is in your hands - go back to basics and beat the flu!





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